Ta Da!!! I’m Done!

It only took a year-ish to read the Harry Potter Books.  I’ve finished all 7 of them…can you believe it…me…I read all of Harry’s adventures.

Okay…I bitched and complained that the last book was going on for-like-ever  and it was very dark but I did finish it.  I can see why everyone raved about the series but I had my favorites and the ones that kind of just made me complain. (Insert Wife’s eye roll here, lol).

My favorites were Prisoner of  Azkaban, Goblet of Fire and even though I complained a lot,  The Deathly Hallows.

I’m sure I will be overruled on this but I found that once J.K. Rowling had complete control over her story which included the editing process there were parts of the story that just seemed long and filler. I just felt that the last book could have been 100 pages shorter.

What I love most about J.K.’s books is the fact that it got children and adults reading.  That reading turned into a love or passion that fuel the love of more reading.

So if you haven’t read the entire series it’s worth it.  If you are like me it might take a while but keep at it.



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