Halloween’s Been Postponed…WTH?

So it seems that some municipalities have taken a leap and decided to postpone Halloween Trick-or-Treat for Friday or Saturday depending where you live.  WTH?  It’s Halloween today.  Thanks to Hurricane Sandy (Bitch!) our entire world is in disarray.  Well I’m not letting it get to my mojo jo-jo.  Here are some pictures from the past few days.  Sandy really sucks and I’m glad she’s gone!

And then the rains came and were decided to get the boat out…


Spencer tried to get me not to look out the window at the beginning stages of the flooding but I looked anyway.


The sky was kind of icky this morning. She’s lingering even though we would like her to go!

Last night the Full Moon shown thru for a little bit.  She was beautiful and made me forget some of the devastation that has plagued our little nook.

The skies this afternoon were threatening rain but so far we’ve fared well.

I feel lucky that we suffered just a little devastation as compared to those in NJ.  My thoughts are with those who have lost their homes and in some cases their family members or pets.  Be strong.


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