I Said It Because I Have No Sensor Switch

Sometimes I say inappropriate things.  I know shocking, right?  Sometimes I say them out loud to a room full of people….at work.  Yup that was what happened yesterday just as we were leaving the office for the day.

Big Tuna:  I’m going home to wash my car and hang some blinds.
Me:  I’m going home and sit on my sofa with no pants on and eat my pot pie.
Big Tuna:  HA HA HA, That’s a good plan too.

It’s kind of like the time I said this…

Me:  Are you sad because you are thinking about Stella dying?
Bean:  No I was not thinking about it.
Me:  Are you sad now?

I’m likely to blame my Asperger’s but sometimes it doesn’t work.  I just say stuff and it doesn’t always make sense and it sometimes is extremely inappropriate but that’s just what makes me…me 😉


Bean read my blog and said this…

BEAN:  “Aw, you only wrote down two.  You say way more inappropriate things.”


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