Happy Birthday Reggie!

Yesterday was my brother’s Birthday.  Reggie is quite the character.  He’s fun and rambunctious.  My Mom always said he was the heart of our family.  Reggie would do anything for anyone because that’s just how he rolls.

He always says if he ever becomes President he’s going to do two things.

1)  Change the National Anthem to “God Bless America” Kate Smith’s Version.
2)  Outlaw Mayonnaise.  He’s very passionate about this second one.

He changed is name one day to Reggie Feathers…it suits him.

When I was a kid he would play rock band with me.  When I was 10 he had really long hippie hair.   When I was 16 we wrote our first song together.  The song’s Title was “Big Ron Reagan”.  When I was 17 he came to my High School Basketball games.  When I was 21 he bought me my first guitar.  When I was 22 he helped me purchase my first car.  When I was 37 we went to visit him and even though he’d lived in the south for almost 20 years his Philly accent was stronger than mine.  When I was 46 he stood with all of my siblings when I got married to the love of my life…my wife Bean.  The time is now,  he calls me once a week to check on me…he stays with me when he’s in town and he loves me no matter what happens in life.

He’s a great father, husband and friend.

That’s my big brother!  I love him bunches!


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