Okay…I Like Food and I’m A Weirdo

Food is pretty.  I like to take pictures.  I like to take picture of my food.  I am in fact a very weird person.  Don’t believe me…see below.

I do not eat fish myself but Bean and Wonder Woman like it a lot so they always get it when we go out.  Fish and Chip mate?


Bean got the Thai Lettuce Wraps…they were a little spicy but good.


Me…I got the Jaegerschnitzel like usual but this time I got extra buttery noodles instead of those green beans I’m not a fan of…yummy!

On Saturday I was on my own for lunch so I went to Salad Works for a tasty Salad.  I like it there because it’s a quick meal and it’s quiet so I got some reading done while I ate my salad and Chicken Noodle Soup.

Yes I’m a weirdo too.  I bought my Frankenstein friend Spencer some Halloween costumes that we just tried out.  I’m playing dress up with dolls but luckily I’m not really crazy.  I’m just weird…not crazy.




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