Oh…And What Else Did They Say?

Every once in a while I hear the funniest stuff.  Sometimes it is someone I know or other times a complete stranger.  I try to write them down so I can’t forget them.  Here are a couple…

Big Tuna talking to his iPhone:  Screw you Siri!
Siri:  Please.

Me talking to WW about ringtones on her phone.
What’s my Ringtone?
WW:  Lazy…
Bean:  HA HA HA HA
Me:  That’s harsh.

While watching Chopped:

Jeffrey:  I find this dessert too sweet.
Alex:  I find it sweet too.
Me:  It’s the dessert round you idiots!!!!

Tom:  Are they the Pep Boys?
Me:  No that’s Edgar Allen Poe, James Joyce and a Nun.

Over heard at Denny’s:
Little boy to his father:  I’m a vegetarian…I want some ham.

Over heard at Peddler’s Village:
Pretentious Lady:  Do you sell sunglasses for dogs?

An African-American guy I know:
Charles:  I’m blushing like a chocolate covered strawberry.



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