Creepy Is The New Cool

I hate spiders!!!   Ever since the Great Mormon Spider Attack of 2010 I’ve been even jumpier.  They terrify me and I have not idea why because I’m 1 million times taller.  In a strange twist I like spider webs.  They are like insect art.  I don’t mind watching spiders make webs but like our graffiti artists they need to move on when they are done.

This giant arachnid has been in this same area for about a week and a half.  For various reasons it’s had to rebuild.    A lot like Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web it has spun some beautiful art.

Tell me this picture of my neighbor’s cat doesn’t scream HALLOWEEN!

I watched one of my neighbors who saw the spider in its previous location…turn around and go in a different door, lol.  See I’m not the only one!

This little ditty has nothing to do with spiders but it was way cool…

Dad is that you????


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