A Transgendered Ghost and Lunch

It’s Autumn and that means craft fairs and such so we headed out on Saturday for some fun.  We ended up adopting this wonderful Transgendered Ghost named Sam.

Sam fit in nicely with our little friend Spencer…

We were all over the city on Saturday morning so by 3 pm we were starving and since our last destination was on the Boulevard…

we thought how could we not stop at Chickie & Pete’s for a bite to eat.

Since the last time we were at C&P they’ve changed the menu a little to include more tasty items.

We always start with the crab fries.  It comes with 2 wells of melted cheese to dip.  Very cool!

Bean’s favorite is the Moogby.  It’s got Crab Fries, pickles, Shrimp, Cheese and some other stuff in it.

I usually get the wings but this time I got the cheese steak with Sauce and Fried Onions.

It was very good but I’m a cheese steak snob and for me there is only one CS worthy of Philly…Geno’s!  But since I wasn’t in South Philly this was a good second.  It was very filling.  It always cracks me up when the waitress asks if we would like desert.  I’m always too stuffed.  This was one of those times.

It was a good day with fun, frolicking and food 😉


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