Going To The Mall…But With Less Robin Sparkles

Bean and I went with our Friend AE to the Mall for some weekend hijinks.  It was a successful trip.  First let me say I want to go to the mall one day with my copy book and just write about what I see.  I never remember exact details of what I see beyond a couple of days but here are some very cool things.

I watched a middle-aged man waltzing by himself like Mary Tyler Moore spinning in Minneapolis and it was awesome.  He had a whole section practically to himself.  Most impressive of all was the fact he did it while holding packages.  Sure it’s not backwards and in heels but I found it just as impressive.  You go Dancing Mall Guy never stop living your dream!

We went to the Carousel first and it was bright and neat looking and I saw this guy taking a ride…

Ride on brave man!

My friend AE loves the carousel so much that it was 6 rides in a row. BOOM!

This is my friend AE.  Totally bad to the bone!

This couple was cute and I was trying to be stealthy and take a picture of them.  I only got one before they caught on to my shenanigans.  Too cute don’t ya think.  Ah…Mall Love!

I sometimes like to try on new looks.  I got a thumbs down on this look from AE but you never know what my style will be next.  I’m every changing…Like a chameleon but with less lizard like qualities.  So much to see so little time.  It was quite a day.

Best quote of the evening…

Bean:  This is my favorite ride!
              (the bench at the mall) – CLASSIC!!!


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