Oh Yeah…

My Birthday was a couple of weeks ago and my In-Laws gave me some money to buy whatever it was that would add to my birthday happiness.  And I did.

I got a 2000 Universal Pozer Frankenstein!  He’s two foot tall and Bean named him Spencer!  I know what you are thinking but when I showed the picture to my MIL she laughed and said it was perfect.  She’s okay with me being a 12 year-old trapped in a 40-something body.  That’s cause she’s extra cool!

This is us goofing around.

Spencer watching TV.

Spencer using the computer.

“Oh NO he didn’t!”

Spencer doing a little reading.

Spencer thinking he’s going to drive my car….Um no!

Spencer whining about not being allowed to drive the car.  He’s a lot of fun and I’m a huge child so all I see is Win WIN!

A special shout out to my In-Laws for this really cool gift!


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