Lunch with a Side of Jocularity

Today my work mate told the funniest joke.

“A friend of mine told me these people were making fun of Justin Beiber and I told them to knock it off.  Justin Beiber saved my life.  You see I was in a coma for 7 months and the nurse came in and turned on the radio and Justin was singing.  It was at that very moment that I woke up…got out of bed and turned off the radio!”

Poor Justy 😦

We went out to lunch on Saturday to our new favorite place to eat the Iron Hill Brewery.  I’ve done dinner her but never lunch.

I got a caramelized onion pizza with extra cheese.  Yummy!

Bean got the Chicken and Pecan sandwich with a side field green salad….

She’s just not a fan of raw carrots 🙂

Wonder Woman got a fancy cheese burger.  It was very juicy and looked yummy too.  Oh and we got the sweet potato fries because they are AWESOME!


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