French Onion Soup Project – Volume 5

Recently I went out to dinner with my BBF and we went to a new place for us as friends but we had both been there individually.  And only for Breakfast.  They had FOS on the menu so you know I had to get me some of that!

This FOS come from the 401 Diner in Conshy.  It was very good.  They shook it up a bit by using Mozzarella and Swiss.  It was interesting.  I give it 3 Onions on the Onion Scale!

I also got a Meatball Parm.  The fries were perfect!  Yummy!


3 responses

  1. Aw man! I was about to give you mad props for creating a restaurant-ready FOS. Funny I never see recipes for them.

  2. French onion soup is actually very simple to make at home… this is a recipe (from my very first food blog) Just make sure you have bowls that can go under the broiler for a couple minutes! 🙂

  3. I haven’t made it myself because I can’t cook but I’m an awesome eater. My sister makes an awesome FOS.

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