Facebook Is Making Jonathan Frakes Stalk Me

Facebook likes to force things on you.  You know like Timeline and well…friends.  I do not need a lot of friends.  Don’t get me wrong when FB first came to my attention I friended everyone and everyone’s brother or sister, mother or cousin because that was the excitement of it.  The honeymoon was over about a year after I joined the cult.  I pared down my friend list and un-liked a lot of things.  My family posts pictures and stuff so FB keeps us all up to date.  But when FB kept trying to get me to be friends with Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek’s Number One – Will Riker) I must admit they are just getting too pushy!

Back the F-off Facebook.  Yes I love Star Trek and yes it’s cool that Jonathan Frakes is married to Genie Frances (aka Laura Weber Baldwin Spencer, General Hospital) but I really would like to pick my own friends without being influenced by you.  Thank you but no thank you.  It made me think…Is FB pressuring Jonathan to be friends with me too?

Perhaps I should just dump FB altogether?  I’ll think it over, in the meanwhile,  I’m late for cookies and Koolaid.  Cheers!


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