People On The Beach – The Speedo Edition

I love to take pictures.  I may take 100 pictures in any given day of just people, objects or well anything really.  This applied to the beach too.  So here is Chapter One of what I saw at the beach.

Dude why are you smoking at the beach? Really it’s gross and made me sick!

This is what Rudeness looks like.

Hey everyone…look I found Kristen Stewart…she’s hiding in Jersey…

What that’s not her? Are you sure?

I’m sure they aren’t sharks now go back into the water so you can parasail…

This guy needs some sun screen stat! The picture doesn’t even pick up how burnt he really was…OUCH!

The waves were awesome and fun!

I leave you with one final picture to scar you for life.  In the category of we are not in France…

Speedos are never, ever a good idea!  Just saying!


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