The Bloggess…SuperStar Edition

Jenny Lawson is a hoot.  This much we all know.  Her book “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” is a Best Seller and totally funny!  She has wit and grace and a cool dead animal collection.  A short while ago my wife and I were going to the Movie Tavern to see “Ted”.  Side Note: Great movie…very offensive…totally hysterical.  Having never been to this place before and it being about 30 minutes from our home we tried to put it into the GPS.  It couldn’t find the location.  It told us it didn’t exist.  Well I took off and found the place anyway.  When we were leaving to go to the bookstore that was in the same complex my wife turned on the GPS just for fun.  And funny it was…Betina (My GPS voice) told us were were no where.  Really in the middle of no where, lol.  We both laughed.

Then we got to the bookstore.  The Bloggess’ book was featured in the window.

She’s a SuperStar in all of the world and now she is a SuperStar in the middle of no where.  That my friends is FRIGGING AWESOME!


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