And Then It Rained On My Parade

Did you ever notice how many posts I start out with ‘and then’ and ‘so’.  Yeah, I’m cool like that.

This summer has been extremely hot and humid.  It would seem most of the country has been hot and humid or just hot and then maybe humid separately.  This has been okay for us in the Mid-Atlantic region because we are getting rain with it.  If you are on vacation this sucks but if you have a lawn this is good vs. evil.  Good the lawn is green, evil that you now have to mow it.  Since getting my new camera I’ve been taking loads of rain/sky/sunsets/moon pictures.  Like last night when I was leaving from work I took these…

It was very hot and humid last night and this morning.  Then the heavens opened up.

Nature is pretty awesome.  The storms are now moving away and there is a chance of more storms all day long so like the characters from Twister I’m going to be rushing around trying to take its picture 😉  Happy Friday y’all


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