And Then…Jamie Lee Curtis Screamed and the World Was Saved

Yesterday morning I let the puppies out at 6:19 am.  Not because I wanted to but because Mickie has it in her head that is a great time to wake up and bark to go out.  I blame the girl upstairs who gets up about that time for work.  Apparently Elephant Heels (as I like to call her) gets up at about 6:15 every morning, so now Mickie does too.  Anyway, I let the dogs outside and it was basically a clear morning.  Humid with a touch of fog but not too much, just a touch.  The puppies did their thing and came back in side.  This is what I refer to as first run.

I went about my morning preparedness and then I walked by the window and saw something that kind of startled me.  The fog had thickened quite considerably and it was kind of spooky.   I shouted out to Bean about the Fog and went to grab my camera.  She asked if it was hot out.  Hot no…soupy yes.

Then the fog got thicker and it made me think of that John Carpenter movie “The Fog”.  Were Ghost Zombies going to rise out of this soupy mist to try to kill us?  I almost shouted to Bean to get out the Zombie Apocalypse supplies because it seemed like an actuality more than and inevitability.  Instead, I decided to give the fog another 10 minutes.  If I heard banging on the windows and doors I knew that would be bad but I was prepared.

By 8 o’clock the fog had receded and there was not a zombie in site so I went about last run with the puppies.  They did their thing and I was glad I didn’t have to bring the ax outside with me.  That thing is heavy.  It was the weirdest fog I’ve ever experienced in my life and I’ve had some thick stuff in the Shenandoah Valley.  It didn’t last very long either, only about 30 minutes.  I can only speculate that Jamie Lee Curtis was in town and that is why the Zombies had second thoughts.  Don’t mess with the Scream Queen…Boom!



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