Just Call Me Snooki…Wait Don’t

I went to the Jersey Shore this past weekend.  It was beautiful.  If the wind was just a pinch less it would have been picture perfect!

This car was so cute with its wind-up on it.


I bought a chair umbrella this year and I was in love.  It was awesome and blocked the sun nicely.

And then…the wind broke it and now I need to get another one.  Well I paid $10 bucks for it I should have guessed as much would happen 😦

We went out to breakfast like we always do the first day at the shore.  Bean got scrapple.  For those of you not from the Philly area.  Scrapple is a dish best served crispy.   Most folks outside of the Philly have never heard of it.

I got the basics, eggs, sausage and home fried potatoes.  Yummy breakfastness!

Smilie face toast…Um Hello…That is pure genius!!!

So unlike Snooki I was sober the whole visit and didn’t need to be bailed out of jail.  Yeah Me!

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