A Reality Check Might Be Nice

I’ve been working a lot this week and had family visiting so I haven’t had much time to blog.  But when I saw this picture I was moved by the Oh Dear Lord to blog about it.

I’m your #1 Fan and that Kristen is a Wench for cheating on you….I Love You Robert…I’m thinking she said this in her crazed, crying video as I did not actually watch this poor wretch blubber on about RPatz or whatever they call him.

So a 22 year screwed up and ruined her relationship with her boyfriend.  Everyone blames this 22-year-old Kristen Stewart for breaking Robert Pattinson’s heart and destroying that creepy couple’s marriage.  Hello it takes two to tango and I blame him more.  She’s 22 years old…who wasn’t stupid at 22.  He’s 41 and has a wife and kids…Mr. grow up already and realize you are just as culpable!

So on to the other item of this little tryst that broke up two couples.  The crazed adoring fans who want to gut poor Kristen like a fish for breaking Robbie’s heart.  The chick above went as far as to upload a diatribe about it on YouTube.  She cried like a baby.  You know like it was happening to people she actually knew on a first hand basis.  Nope she doesn’t.  I was a hard-core soap fan most of my life and let me tell you that no matter how crazy I sounded when I talked about soap characters (you know like they were actually real people) I always knew a) They AREN’T REAL PEOPLE and b) I knew the Soap Actors real name.  When I had several opportunities to meet said people I would call them Ms. Eakes (Aka Krystal Carey Chandler Martin).  I never wept for them or screamed at them.  They are real People no the parts they play.

Hey it’s KWAK

So I feel bad for Robert too but I won’t shed a tear because really I don’t care and I’m fairly certain he’d be thrilled to know that, lol.  GO TEAM EDWARD!!!


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