The Day AFTER The Party

We went to the Elmwood Park Zoo this weekend.  I had never been to this Zoo before so it was quite exciting.

This Zoo is small but has all of the essentials for a great Zoo experience.  What I found odd and funny at the same time is many of the animals looked like they were out all night partying, lol.  I give you the following exhibits…

Seriously…these Otters are drunk and passed out, lol. Okay I will call it “sleeping”.

Not all the animals were asleep.

This Pronghorn Antelope was styling his antlers…I’m pretty sure “I’m Too Sexy” was playing in the paddock 😉


Penny was looking ever so glamorous!

My favorite animals are the Prairie Dogs (second favorite…drunken Otters).  I love these guys.  Alan! ALAN! ALAN!  They were all cool and just hanging out.

I Heart You Alan!

I wanted to take Alan home but apparently that is frowned upon by Zoo officials.  They are all about the rules…Debby Downers!!!  But Bean found a way that Alan could come home with us!!!

Me and ALAN!

Alan is so cool I let him drive home…

Okay so he doesn’t have a driver’s license.  He was very careful!   Alan is cool like that!

I had so much fun and got to do and see so many things.  It was a nice day with my Lovely Wife, great friends and ALAN!


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