Gay Beer Is Suprisingly Fabulous!

We went to the bar on Friday with a friend.  It was a nice evening out.  We haven’t been to the bar in ages.  Mostly because we don’t really drink…it’s funny how that works out.

I got my usual of Yuengling (other usual is Coors Light). Bean was making new friends and as ususal I couldn’t hear anything because I’m mostly deaf because my Mom was right that rock music would make me deaf and I told her back then it wasn’t rock music that made me deaf it was solely the cause of listening to Duran Duran.  Damn you Simon LeBon!  Any way…Bean noticed the tap had a funny rainbow thingy on it and so I inquired to the Barkeep what kind of beer it was flowing from the rainbow tap.  He explained it’s a gay micro-brew.  Okay not exactly explained it like that but really that’s what he was saying.  Okay the Beer isn’t really Gay as much as Gay adjacent.  The beer is called Magic Hat #9.

BEAN:  I wonder what kind of beer that is?
ME:  I’ll find out.  (Bar guy told me and I couldn’t hear him except to tell me it was really good and what it was called.  He gave me a sample).
BEAN:  How is it?
ME:  It’s good.  It’s kind of fruity.
BEAN:  Hello it’s Gay Beer of course it’s fruity.
ME:  I should have known it would be fruity.
BEAN:  Enjoy your big gay beer.

To Conclude I liked my big gay beer!


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