Panem Is No Place For A Vacation…Just Saying

Last night I had a very restless bit of sleep.  It started out great.  I fell asleep to the sounds of Sheldon Cooper and was out for about 2 hours when I woke up to use the loo.  When I went back to sleep I kept dreaming the same thing over and over.

If you meet this guy in a dream or at Home Depot and he want to take you on vacation…SAY NO!!!

Bean and I were going on vacation when I ran into Peeta from the Hunger Games at Home Depot (I have no idea why I went to the Home Depot and why I went without Bean).  He was just getting some stuff for his new tree house home when he invited us to go on vacation with him in Panem.  I should have asked was it before or after the liberation but that’s 20/20 hindsight.  I of course said ‘we’d love too’.  The first day I was there I got stung by one of those crazy hornety things in the book.  My face swelled up and I had to go to hospital.  I didn’t see Bean for most of the trip.  Various bad things happened to me during the first several days of our trip.

We were in the tree house when Katniss flew in the window on a rope and pulled out her bow to kill some tiger thingy and told us the forest was on fire and we had to leave.  It was then I fell out of the tree house burned my knee (this oddly descriptive knee thing is just weird) and the whole place was on fire.  Katniss and Bean found shelter on a space ship in the cove and Peeta kept yelling at me to hurry up.  I hate that guy!

Anyway I kept waking up and when I’d fall asleep I start back at the part where I got stung by the hornety things.  All I know is this morning I need a nap and when I dream I need to dream about watching TV and eating ice cream!  Seriously…WTH???


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