CTV or STD? Sometimes The News Is Weird

Well since I could use my computer yesterday morning I’m happy to report my computer does not have a CTV (Computer Transmitted Virus).  Yeah me!  I also noticed that it kind of sounded like my computer could have the clap…or something STDish.  Either way I’m just glad it was okay.  You know because I would have never been able to tune into my new favorite Soap Opera…TomKat.  Alas, their angst is coming to a rapid close with both sides agreeing to a divorce settlement.

One bad thing about my computer not having the clap is I had to read this story about Justin Bieber.  Apparently the young very WHITE teen would like to be less kiddie pop and more gangsta’ like Tupac.  Really…stop laughing it’s true.  I think he really thinks he can pull this off.  You know he and Tupac have so much in common.  Their youth was like looking into a mirror for young Bieber.  Tupac struggled on the streets of LA and wrote hard hitting rap from his experiences in his life.  He was killed at the tender age of 23 and never got past the harshness of his life to really enjoy his success.

Bieber grew up in Canada where there is no “gangsta” because it’s cold there.  He had millions of dollars by the time he was 15 and spends his off time on yachts and beaches with his Disney girlfriend Selena Gomez.  Seriously their lives are frighteningly similar (INSERT EYE ROLL HERE)!  Plus he doesn’t like when people touch his hair.  Be careful…he’s gangsta now…he’ll cut you or have one of his bodyguards do it for him!

Dude you look ridiculous and this isn’t me being an old fuddy duddy…I bet everyone in South Central LA is thinking the same thing!

I blame Justin Bieber for this ridiculous post.  Anyway to make it not so lame.  The little boy in the picture above has cancer.  His make a wish request…hang out with Hellboy.  The actor who played Hellboy in the films took on 4+ hours of make to make this child’s wish happen.  Ron Perlman you are a dream!  I fell in love with your acting when you were Vincent on Beauty and the Beast and I think you are amazing.


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