Two Words…Sarah McLachlan…In Atlantic City…

Okay more than two words.  She was awesome!  Lucky you…you get two posts in one day!!

Me excited?…how could you tell?

We drove down to AC to see Ms. McLachlan in concert.  It was something on my life list and it was AWESOME!  I think it was my first trip to Atlantic City too but I’m not sure because of those things I’ve blocked out in my memory so I’m going to say…yes this was the first time I remember being in Atlantic City.  She was at the Borgata which is a cute Casino.

We had 4th row seats which were totally awesome!  It is always awesome when I get to scratch off something on the “life list”.  Even more awesome that it’s something I got to do with Bean!  While we were at that concert we were given the opportunity for the crazy lady in pink to give us her dance rendition of Sarah’ music.  Very interesting.  We also got to sit next to her #1 Fan as in that chick is really crazy.  She left us to go drool on the stage before being asked to sit down…thankfully not near us, lol.

Before the concert we got to gamble which is always fun…when you win.  I put up $10 dollars and went crazy.  It was a winning night as I walked away with a profit of $1.65.  Take that Mr. Big Casino Boss!!!!

It was a super groovy night and am really glad I got to spend it with the love of my life.


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