Fourth of July Is About…

Well I guess technically it’s about Freedom and independence.  It’s about the sacrifice of generations before me so that I can blog in peace.  Okay maybe it had something to do with other freedoms it’s just nice that one of them is blogging.

For me July 4th is about not only Freedom, Sacrifice and Country…it’s about Hot Dogs too!  Hot dogs rock!

Hot Dogs and Corn…yum!

Bean prefers her hot dogs with cheese and ketchup.  That’s what makes them so awesome.  There is no one way to eat a hot dog.  You can go with or without the bun, ketchup, relish or mustard or you can just grab on naked off the grill!

Happy 4th of July Chef Batman!

Summer is about grilling and hot dogs and sunstroke and air conditioning and…and…well you get the picture.  Soon enough I’ll be on vacation at the beach grilling my little heart out and that my friends is Nirvana!


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