Bean’s Not So Fun Reading Experience

Bean likes to read.  She likes to try all kinds of topics whether Fiction, Romance, Real Life or in this case Mysteries.  Her last selection was “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie.  What she didn’t know when starting this book was that it would hold a mystery of its own.

Bean was almost at the end of her book when suddenly she went from page 242 to Chapter 2.  What you say? Back to Chapter 2, well that’s just crazy talk.  Yet that is exactly what happened.

Exhibit b

We had been shopping at three different bookstores and couldn’t remember which one we got it at or where the receipt was so ever so MacGuyverish Bean decided to head over to B&N.  There she read the twenty-five or so missing pages and thus was able to finish the mystery of “And Then There Were None”.

So much for Book Quality Control.  I just found it very funny that this mess up happened to a mystery book almost to say here you have the mystery of the missing pages!  All is well in the world now.  Bean is currently reading a book with all of it’s pages intact, lol.



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