Root Canal is Not Fun

Today I had root canal…again. Today was the result of an abscessed tooth. Today wasn’t fun. So to take my mind off the uncomfortable mess known as my face I’ve decided to list fun stuff.

I’ve always felt that bubbles are fun. Bubbles from a bubble gun are even more fun because there are 4x as many bubbles floating in the air.

Using the non-word Funner is fun too.

Babies are fun. Well they’re more fun when not in a poopy diaper. But they are fun.

Squirrels are fun. They are mad ass crazy which totally makes them fun.

My Wife is fun. She’s fun for a lot of reasons but mostly because she is kickass at Rock, Paper, Lizard, Spock. I have yet to beat her, lol.

Hanging out with my family is fun. They are one big giant crazy bunch but that’s why I love them mostly.

The color Pink is fun. Would you possibly doubt this one?!?

Hats are really fun! Especially when accompanied by funny glasses.

Walking in the woods if fun by extension…hello squirrels!

Mary Poppins isn’t fun because she has all those rules but the Chimney sweep guy…he’s way fun!

Dancing is fun. Bring on the Hustle…Baby!

There are so many more things I find fun. What’s your fun?


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