French Onion Soup! It’s Just That Awesome!

I’m still chasing the perfect French Onion Soup.  FOS is probably my most favorite meal.  When it is made to perfection it is glorious but when not it is…well…it’s a huge letdown 😦   I’ve been in pursuit of the best FOS ever and not to long ago I started taking snaps of my FOS finds.  If it’s on the menu I will order!  So here are those offerings.

I can’t remember what restaurant this was from but I remember the soup. I give it 2-1/2 Stars.

PJ Whelihan’s in Blue Bell, PA has very good FOS. I enjoy this place because over all the food is very good. I give their FOS 3-1/2 to 4 stars…I’m on the fence about the extra half, lol. Worth trying thought, for sure!

MaGerks Pub in Fort Washington has been my least favorite FOS. Their other food is fine. I had a wonderful Veggie Quesadilla but the FOS was what I was looking forward to the most. Their FOS get’s 1/2 star. Sorry kids!

Pizzaria Uno’s FOS is okay. But I hold everyone to the very high standards when it comes to FOS. I give them 2-1/2 Stars. It’s good but it has to be Rio Good to get the big numbers. Sadly this isn’t Rio good.

Waterman’s in Rock Hall, Maryland has excellent FOS. It is divine. I give it 4-1/2 Stars!

The best FOS I’ve ever had is the Rio Station in Wildwood, New Jersey.  It is the standard for which I judge all FOS.  I’m looking forward to our trip to NJ this summer so I can take a picture of it to share with you to make you jealous 😉


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