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So I’m reading the news of the day and this jury in Georgia awarded the family of a man who had a heart attack $3 million dollars.  They sued the Doctor who failed to inform his patient to refrain from excessive or strenuous activity.

That seems normal and okay right.  Well in reading the article it turns out that the patient had a stress test order for the day before he died.  The married father of two died while having a 3-some.  He had gone to the doctors initially because of chest pains. and he had a history of some kind of being in poor health.  The jury found Mr. Martinez only 40% culpable for his death by heart attack.  Seriously only 40% for him and 60% for the doctor.  So if the doctor had told this guy to refrain from strenuous activity and he died of a heart attack he would have been found 100% responsible for his own demise?  People and that includes the jury here…are stupid!

If I was having chest pains and the doctor scheduled a bunch of tests I wouldn’t go out and run a marathon or…have a threesome!  So do the doctors hand out little pieces of acknowledging you are a potential idiot thus releasing them from liability?  Just wondering.  Sheesh!


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