Would You Ever Admit To This…

Apparently a paparazzi got to close to Justin Bieber and he hit him in the face.  This in itself seems salacious and news worthy until I saw a picture of they guy who got Zsa-Zsa’d by Mr. Bieber.  Seriously this guy was about 35 and had about 70 lbs. on our young troubadour.

This is a picture of Justin looking  buff…

yeah…I’ve almost reached puberty!

Not only that but Justin’s pants were around his knees and was liable to fall from such swift movements such as the ‘Zsa Zsa Slap’.  So I’m going to mark this episode down with this Headline…

“Greedy Paparazzi Causes Celebrity’s Mental Breakdown To Issue Bogus Lawsuit”

The guy who was slapped called for medical attention.  Seriously…Justin Bieber hitting you is like getting smacked by a girl scout.  Okay sure Justy shouldn’t have hit the brat but if this guy’s suit doesn’t get tossed it just goes to show Bullying is rewarded.

Thankfully in the end cooler heads prevailed and Selena was able to save Justy’s hat.


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