Happy Mother’s Day To All

Mother’s Day is here again and it is just another reminder of the loss of my Mom.  She’s been gone for some time now but it feels like yesterday.  In fact, every year I say the same thing.  I can’t believe it’s been X years since she left us.  I miss her but you know even though I miss her bunches and bunches I’ve been able to hold on to her essence.  The good times and sometimes not so good times.  But she’s always with me.

My Mom LOVED hats!

Mom was a human being with imperfections.  I saw her this way in adulthood.  She did the best she could with as little as she had.  She rarely ever complained about the harshness of her day-to-day.  As an adult I can appreciate her more because I understand this.  She loved to dance, sing and she loved HATS!  Sometimes we would pull out the hats and wear them around her bedroom.  Mostly because we were cool like that!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom.  You are missed and still loved to the Nines!


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