Because The News Is Sometimes Insane

Today must have been the day for crazy headlines and stories.  Some good, some bad but all rather interesting.


Football fans travel 230 miles dressed as Smurfs to follow their team on the final game of the season

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Parents arrested after driving from liquor store ‘with four children strapped to the hood of their car’Read more: I kind of feel like I missed something in my childhood.  My parents never did that with us.  I had to walk 20 miles in the snow up a hill to go to the liquor store myself 😦

This Headline had a very bad ending.  Not death but I said ouch after reading it.

Horrific moment college student leaped from roof of 3-storey building as party trick… and MISSED the pool below
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Stupidity runs rampant!  There is nothing that could make me want to jump off a roof into a pool or hang glide or para-sail.  Nope.  I like my feet on the ground.  Besides I know the most important thing.  Gravity is a heartless bitch!


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