California Dreamin’ – The Dead Celebrity Addition

In California like almost every place in the world when you are no more your final resting place stands for eternity (or until they need the land).  However in California with all the celebrities there are Cemeteries like almost every where.  I Love, Love, Love Cemeteries.  My traveling companions were kind of intrigued by my passion for cemeteries.  It’s that kind of passion that is border line creepy with a big side of cool.  Really I like cemeteries because they have stories to tell.  I have visited cemeteries almost everywhere I’ve gone.  Someday I’ll do a post about them and share some of the most amazing sculptures in the world.  Today I blog about The Dead of L.A.

There are two religious cemeteries in Culver City.  Across the street from our hotel was the beautiful Jewish Hillside Memorial Cemetery.   It is a spectacular array of gardens that just envelope you with serenity when you walk around.  Here are buried so many celebrities from the past that gave us the entertainment we all enjoyed.

DJ AM - Adam Goldstein had a tragic end. He survived a plane crash and his life never quite got back on track. He died way to young.

When you enter the cemetery there is this grand waterfall. At the very top is the grave site of Al Jolson. It is the most magnificent sepulcher I've ever seen.

There are so many buildings and so many celebrities.  I wish I could post them all but here are more highlights.

Dinah Shore

Mr. Aaron Spelling we miss you most of all. If it wasn't for you and your creations from the 70's, 80's and 90's. My friends and I would have never been able to play Charlie's Angels until dark. Goodbye and Thank you!

Bean made an interesting about our trip to the cemetery.  She said this is probably as close to celebrities as we will get visiting California.  She was correct.  These celebrities were cool because they had lives of endless stories just waiting be told and heard.