Um…You Aren’t A Real Hunter…Just Sayin’

So several weeks ago pictures of the Trump boys showed up on the internet.  They were pictures from their hunting expedition.  One of the photos was DTJ holding a sliced off Elephant tail next to the dead body of the elephant.  They killed other animals as well on this “hunting” expedition.  I was disgusted.

In an article I read today they’re in trouble with the Zimbabwe government for in essence pouching (allegedly they weren’t with a sanctioned game company).  What irks me is the quote from Junior.  “I’m a hunter, for that I make no apologies.”  Really Junior…you are a hunter?  You are a killer not a hunter.  What did you do with the meat?  Did you dine on your kill?  Oh and exactly how stealthy do you have to be to slaughter an elephant? Did your game company drive you right up to the herd so you could get a clean shot?  Did you break a sweat?  Clarification when someone takes you to the game…its not a “hunt” its a drive by.

You went on a safari with your rich friends/family and killed stuff because you could and were probably bored.  This hunt had all the depth of a pigeon shoot.  Hey big boy how about next time you go in the woods at 1 am, sit on a perch in the freezing cold for 6 hours waiting patiently for your mark and then you take the meat home and have it for dinner.  You know like real hunters.

Rich people are annoying.


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