Poor Whitney

I feel sorry for Whitney Houston…even in death.  I’m pretty sure her family members are stupid.  Yes I’m being judgmental.  The poor woman became addicted to drugs.  They ruled her life and sucked away her approximated $160 million dollar fortune.  She died when years of drugs and drinking and bad living caught up to her.

This article made me angry.  It seems some of her ‘relatives’ think she was murdered and want an investigation.  Who knows if this report is even real but still its stupid either way.  Whitney’s drug panel came back and she was high.  I knew a girl who did drugs everyday until her body just gave up and she expired in her sleep at the age of 39.  Only the person who is doing the drugs can stop doing them.  The deaths are no less agonizing and sad.

This diatribe is more aimed at the stupid people Whitney had around her.  First they announce to the press or whoever that she was buried with $300,000.00 worth of jewelry thus insuring some lunatic would try to dig her up to steal it.  Now they want a murder investigation.  If these people really want to do something get some help for her daughter.  If rumors are real then she also has an issue with substance abuse.  Put the death of her beloved Mother on top of that and Bobbi Kristina will need all the help she can get.

So weird people who knew Whitney Houston stop adding insult to injury and leave the poor soul to rest!


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