International Remembrance day and Kazimierz Smolen

Kazimierz Smolen, Auschwitz Survivor, Dies.  The 91-year-old survivor died on the Anniversary of the liberation of Auchwitz, January 27.  He died in the same town.  I honestly didn’t know that today was International Remembrance day.  Now I will never forget it.

We have all heard of the two most notorious Concentration Camps that the Nazi’s had during the war, Buchenwald and Auchwitz but can we ever really understand the atrocities committed to our fellow human beings?  Only those who survived the Holocaust will ever understand what happened to those around them.  Families torn apart, people hated, tortured and killed for being only who they are and how they worship.  I personally didn’t know anyone who survived the Camps but now I will always remember the name of Kazimierz Smolen and remember that he survived the ultimate evil.  He lived his life and told his story in hopes this great evil would never happen again.  Hopefully the world will listen one day.

Director Steven Spielberg has set up a USC Shoah Foundation with many resources if you wish to learn more.


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