O Canada…WTH?

Disclaimer…I’m having another Diatribe!

So the conservative government in Canada has decided to rescind all of the same-sex marriages of people who married in Canada but are not residents and whose home does not recognize same-sex marriage.  Question…will all of these people be receiving reimbursement of funds paid for those marriage licenses?  Does this mean that women will have no rights in Canada if they have no rights in their homeland like Saudi Arabia?

Why are people so afraid that same-sex couples want to legally marry?  Again I say it…the only real threat to marriage is divorce.  So make that illegal and let the gays legally marry already!!!

It’s like in my own country where Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and the lot are all saying if elected they will outlaw gay marriage.  Seriously the evil gay empire is your major concern?  Hello religious right…how about you back a candidate that will actually do something constructive and important for our country…like I don’t know…come up with ways to a better economy, job creation projects?  Nope lets solely concentrate on attacking the civil rights of tax paying citizens.

Jesus my friends wasn’t a mean and manipulative person.  Not according to the teachings.  So how about you be more like Jesus!!!


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