Ah Winter…I Knew You Were Lurking

The past two days have been absolutely fridge.  I was planning on licking flag poles but lets just say I know what happened to ‘poor Flick’.  Once I determined my plans had actually fallen through I decided I should just go back to work.

Getting up and out of bed after having 11 days off was interesting to say the least.  I think by Friday I will have it down pat but this morning I was blinking my way to conscientiousness.  It worked and off I went.  When the icy cold air hit me in the face once I had gone outside I was completely awake.  Seriously Mother Nature is a Bitch!  Her sense of humor is kind of wacky that way.

I made the best of it though.  While I waited for the car to warm up I sang some Madonna.  I’m just cool like that.  Okay not as cool as Madonna but cold…um…I mean cool, lol



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