…And Then I Stood In Line

Black Friday.

At 12:01 Friday morning I stood in line to get a deal on some Christmas Presents.  When I pulled up the outside of the store looked like this…

So of course I got in line too.  While I was standing there listening to everyone talk about what they were doing there at midnight I noticed it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  It was also interesting to see all of the “reunions” people around me were having.   “OMG…I haven’t seen you in 3 years and I run into you here!  How was your Thanksgiving?  Tell your Mom I said Hi!” one person shouted over to another person behind me as she was walking by to get into line too.  There was no ill will or violence.  But then again there were police stationed outside so that may have helped the situation.

I got what I needed.  Black Friday is about planning and patience.  If you lack either I think Cyber Monday might be better for you, lol.



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