The Story of My Fat Pants and Why I Love Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has come and gone.  We went to my In-Laws for a very tasty Thanksgiving dinner.  My MIL isn’t afraid of butter so you can imagine how awesome and cream delicious the mashed potatoes were…ah….yummy!

My MIL looked over at me before dinner and asked me if I was losing weight.  God Bless her for thinking that.  Nope I said…I’ve got on my eatin’ pants.  We both laughed heartily.  The truth is…I love comfort and eating…a comfortable eating if you will.  Wearing my Eatin’ Pants allowed me the ease of stuffing myself to the brim without being strangled.

That my friends is how you dress for a feast 🙂

Tomorrow I will regale you with my tales of 12:01 Black Friday…it was insane people!


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