It’s Not A Doll…It’s An Action Figure!

I like to play with dolls.  It’s and admission…not a confession.  I find there is nothing wrong with being a grown adult who likes to play with dolls.  It’s not like I’m sitting around playing with my Barbie Dream House or anything…although how cool would that be?

I bring this up because yesterday my new doll arrived at work (sometimes I can’t wait until I get home as instant gratification takes hold).  I got a Herman Munster action figure.  When I showed him to some of my work mates one person asked me if I am a collector…ut…no!  I take them out of the box and play with them.  Then I let him play with Herman too.  I’m cool like that!

It’s not like I’m trying to be creepy or anything but I have fun with a blog and before that a website  that I began years ago with a troll doll.  His name is Bjorn Maelstrom.  I started to take Bjorn to different places.  He became my Flat Stanley so to speak.  Right now he’s visiting friends.

Since then I’ve branched out using different dolls.  I use trolls and fairies and even witches and a famous mouse.  They’ve gone to different places and experienced different things.  What can I say I’m entertained easily.

I have fun and so do my friends who have taken Bjorn with them on vacation or in one instance just took him home.  I hope you check out Bjorn and his friends.

The Fairy Chris In Baltimore Inner Harbor

p.s.  I also like to play with cameras.   I’m only a little weird….not scary weird.



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