Christmas Tree Promotion?

So this morning I’m reading an article about the new Christmas Tree Tax of .15 cents per cut tree this year.  This money that will be collected will be put into a fund to go towards the promotion of Christmas Trees.  Seriously…as if the government couldn’t get any more ridiculous.

First let me say that the Christmas Tree Market is probably suffering because of the lack of money to buy them.  If I have limited funds would I buy my child gifts or use that $85.00 to buy a live Christmas Tree.  Common sense isn’t so common it would appear.

“In the Federal Register of November 8, 2011, Acting Administrator of Agricultural Marketing David R. Shipman announced that the Secretary of Agriculture will appoint a Christmas Tree Promotion Board.  The purpose of the Board is to run a “program of promotion, research, evaluation, and information designed to strengthen the Christmas tree industry’s position in the marketplace; maintain and expand existing markets for Christmas trees; and to carry out programs, plans, and projects designed to provide maximum benefits to the Christmas tree industry” (7 CFR 1214.46(n)).  And the program of “information” is to include efforts to “enhance the image of Christmas trees and the Christmas tree industry in the United States” (7 CFR 1214.10).”

The oddity for me in this situation is why in the heck are tax payers (Seriously boys the seller will pass on that .15 cents) should foot a marketing campaign for the Christmas Tree Industry?  This is why I loath Lobbyists!

One would think that all of the Christmas Trees in all of the Christmas specials and all of the Christmas Cards with Christmas Trees on them and all of the giant Christmas Trees from Rockefeller Center to the White House would be enough.  It’s all free marketing.  Is there anyone not familiar with the Christmas Tree in America?  Is there anyone in America who has never seen one?  They cover the tree lighting ceremony every year on my local news.  My Jewish friends who do not celebrate Christmas knows what a Christmas Tree looks like for crying out loud!!!

So I’ll file this under “JUST ANNOYED BY THE GOVERNMENT” and move on.



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