Reliving My Childhood…Please Look Away

When I was little I wanted to be Batman.  I think I was 8 years old when I got my first Batman costume.  It had the Batman mask (that smelled funny on the inside from wearing it so much), the jumper with painted on utility belt was the bomb but what made the outfit was the cape.  Halloween was long over but I still wore my Batman costume to bed every night (my Mom was cool like that!).  I was BATMAN!

This isn't's some random Batchild from the 70's. But this was the costume 🙂

I may have mentioned this once or one hundred times to Bean.  Because of this it has led to conversations like this one…

Me:  “She’s in my spot.”
Bean:  “She’s a tiny dog and your Batman…”
Me:  “That’s right!!!” (as I triumphantly reclaim my spot on the sofa)

And then it happened….

Bean gave me an early gift….

I Am Batman

I really am Batman!!!  Yeah for me.  Also I’m actually a 10-year-old trapped in an adult body.  To think…she married me anyway…double yeah for me!!!


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