I Love You, Now Get Off My Board!

Ah the true love of Jack and Rose.  When I saw this bench I told Bean…I’m taking a picture of that!  She replied…you take a picture of everything.  This is true.  But here is the picture 🙂

The thing about the movie Titanic that always bugged me was she promised him she’d never let go and then what did she do when she thought he was dead…she pushed his carcass in the cold Atlantic Ocean.   So Rose…you suck…you let go!

Perhaps it was intended to be a metaphoric “don’t ever let go”.  Who knows I just know that’s no way to treat the self-proclaimed King of the World!

p.s.  Rose you suck even more because you threw that giant diamond over the side of the ship when you could have fed the starving or housed the homeless or given it to your hippie grand daughter!  You are an evil woman!  But you look like Kate Winslet so because you are hot I forgive you!


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