The Day I Walked Into Hogwarts

Our little town next door that we affectionately call the Hill had a Harry Potter weekend.  I wasn’t sure what this all entailed but apparently it’s becoming a big deal.  They need to tweak some of the finer points of the weekend but I think next year I might get a little more into it.

The Sorting Hat

They began this new event last year.  In town which would be transformed into Hogsmeade they had a scavenger hunt which involved all the stores.  Not sure why they didn’t play up the Hogsmeade more this year because it could have been really cute.

It was such a gorgeous day that we took in the Arboretum and from there you could hear the cheering and good times at the college.  There they were playing a Quidditch match.  Next year I want to see this because I’d love to know what they actually do to simulate the game.

Our college has a Hogworts feel too it don’t ya think?

Spending time outdoors this weekend was pretty great but spending it with Bean was awesome.  This autumn is flying by too quickly!



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