Vacation Armageddon Style

We took a well deserved vacation to the Jersey shore this past week and what was for the most part a groovy good time had some Armageddon moments.  How so you ask?  Well first we had an earthquake.  This was okay we were on the beach and not really sure what was happening.  That was until everyone around us were saying “did you feel that?”.  Why yes I did feel that but what the heck was it?  Then a guy who had his iPhone with him yelled out a 5.8 quake hit the Virginia Beach area.  Oh…that’s what that was…yes I felt it.  Later Bean’s brother asked if we left the beach after the quake.  Nope…we did not…we were having an awesome beach day.  To wit he replied…you should have…you could have had a tsunami or something similar.  Oh…no we didn’t leave.

I love you Atlantic Ocean...I miss you already

Just as the week was coming to a close and I was sufficiently sunburned and exhausted from frolicking in the Ocean…you know because the OCEAN IS AWESOME…we got the order to evacuate by Friday morning 8am.  Come on IRENE!  Seriously…you couldn’t have waited until Sunday when I would have been done with the shebang?  No…so we lost Friday which was gorgeous at the shore, of course!  Yes I’m still a little bitter but it was okay because we had a lot of really beautiful days.

Thank goodness I got gas before we left town


This is what it looked like when we were evacuated

My next series of posts will be highlighting my vacation.  Yes…it will be similar to when Monsignor Herron would give us the slide show presentation the first day back from summer break.  Only difference there will be no priest wearing a Hawaiian shirt and Jesus sneakers with black socks 🙂



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