Television…what’s that?

Recently I’ve kind of given up the telly and you know what…I don’t really miss it.  I still watch some TV with my lovely wife but for the most part it’s off at our house.  I will be faithful to my handful of shows and I’m kind of interested in checking out 2 Broke Girls this fall but beyond that show I’m not interested in picking up other shows.

I still watch NCIS (LOVE YOU ABBY), The Big Bang Theory (NERDS RULE!), Pawn Stars/Storage Wars/Parking Wars/Ghost Hunters, DWTS, Chopped and House Hunters.  But of all of these shows I would only go out of my way not to miss NCIS and Big Bang. I think I lost my gusto for TV after they canceled my soaps.

Truthfully…now I’d rather read.


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