Seriously WTF Are You Talking About?

The second part of this post is where I get out my soapbox…it’s been awhile since I’ve had a good diatribe!  But first let me tell you how much I loved Harry Potter’s Goblet of Fire.  Loved, loved, loved it!  I’m so glad Bean suggested I read all the HP’s and then bought me all the HP books, lol.  Thanks Love!

Now on to rantapolooza!

The USA is facing many challenges right now.  We are in 3 Wars (Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya), Unemployment is rampant, Terrorism looms around every corner, Social unrest is a constant threat and things are just basically tense for most of the world.  So with the presidential election season gearing up it makes sense for all of the crazy people to come out of the wood work right now.

It seems according to some of our Right Wing Candidates such as Rick Santorum and Michele Bachman would have us all think that the economy is under attack because of the LGBT community wanting equal marriage rights.  Did you know that LGBT people are the reason for the downfall of our Society?  Seriously…are you kidding me.  I guess if you wave your hands and scream about Gay Marriage everyone will forget that the Economy Sucks and it’s not looking too good for us in the near future.

Every other speech Rick Santorum has given lately has reference to the evils of Gay Marriage.  Rick…go away…get a real job and stop trying to deny tax paying citizen the same rights you currently enjoy and probably neglect.  Michele Bachman wants all gays to be deprogrammed but is very careful in her wording as to not actually say that.  You see we aren’t really born this way it’s learned behavior or some silly mess like that and that can be fixed.  My parents were heterosexuals.  My huge family of siblings are all heterosexuals.  I didn’t become gay…I always was gay and the fact that Ms. Bachman thinks that it makes more sense for a person to repress themselves and pretend to be something they are not just to make everyone else feel comfortable is just sad.  People who suppress themselves and are made to feel bad about who they are usually become the worst that they could be not the best.  It’s rather sad really that this woman wants us all to be just like her instead of who we all are individually.

God created all people as she and her cronies point out when ever they get a chance.  So get over it and accept all his creations…not just the ones that are like you!

On a political front…If these two could-be candidates are so distracted by stopping Gay Marriage how will they be able to tackle the really difficult issues like Unemployment?

Here ends my diatribe…and she steps off the soapbox.



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