Zombie Apocalypse But Now With More Brad Pitt

According to the Daily Mail, after the Zombie Apocalypse my home town will be located in Glasgow, Scotland. Yeah for me!  I’ve been working on my mad Zombie Apocalypse skills you know!

According the ins and outs that is Bradgelina I’ve discovered that the Zombie Apocalypse movie he’s making is now shooting in Scotland.  Hey I dig Bradgelina and even more I dig Zombies so this turn of events was most welcome new because it affects my life…like…not at all!  Yeah me!

Anyways,  in reading this article I noticed that they are staging the Zombish stuff in a Philadelphia/New York setting.  Which made me feel better when I actually read it because I looked at the pictures and said to my self…that looks like Philly’s Broad Street.  Well done me!

So I’m totally stoked now to know that after Brad Pitt’s Zombie Apocalypse 2011 Philadelphia will now be located in Scotland!  Sweet…I always loved me a kilt!



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