And I Give You The Decade of Polyester

Today on the radio at work they were playing a lot of Barry Manilow.  Which we all know is super-duper awesome!!!  Well except yesterday they were playing a lot of Bobby Sherman and lets face it that man is a god.   And then I was immersed in the 1970’s and that’s when the flashbacks started.

Let’s see…the year was 1975 and Tony DeFranco and The DeFranco family were all I could think about.  We used to hang out in my Mom’s attic and put the K-Tel Record I got for Christmas on the record player and pretend to be the DeFranco’s.  Yes I was just that cool!  Polyester was starting to make a fashion showing and crazy unkempt hair was the rage.

Now for my list of things from the 70’s I remember fondly…

  • The Hustle…seriously…this dance was the bomb!
  • HR Puffnstuff and Jack Wild.
  • Sigmund and the Sea Monsters.
  • Wee Willy Weber’s show that gave us…Space Giants, Ultraman, Johnny Sokko, Captain Scarlett, Stingray and Spiderman.
  • Playing Charlie’s Angels/ The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew until we had to go in on a summer night.
  • My hand-me-down purple banana seat bike.
  • Wizard100 radio station.
  • Grease…’nuff said!
  • Hong Kong Phooey, Super Chicken, Banana Splits and Saturday morning Cartoons in general.  Thank you Boomarang Channel for the flashbacks.
  • Match Game 75 – Richard Dawson, Bret, Charles Nelson Riley and Gene Rayburn…Classic!
  • Monty Hall, Annie Hall and all of the other Halls
  • TV Shows –  Bionic Man/Woman, The Waltons (Good Night Mary Ellen!), The Wonderful World of Disney…
  • Disco?…it was a love/hate relationship.
  • Bobby Sherman…Easy Come, Easy Go

Okay looking over the list…I watched a lot of TV.  It must have been because the shows were all original and interesting.  Or I was just a big lazy git!  But dude it was all good 😉


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